Frequently Asked Questions

What is this place?

Lucky Lane is an artistic and commercial venture that is self-sustaining, community-focused, and lots of fun. We sell clothes, jewellery, furniture, books, LPs, posters, and various other items.

Who owns it?

It’s run by the fabulous employees and Dave, a Limerick musician and broadcaster. He and fellow musician Mark Sheehan felt there was an opening for a quirky, vibrant, retro indoor market in the city. Mark also created Subspace in Ennis.

When did you open?

Christmas 2013

What are your hours?

We’re normally open seven days a weej: 11am to 5pm, Monday to Saturday — and 1pm to 5pm on Sunday.

Is it all second-hand stock?

Originally our stock was all pre-owned, but we include a lot of new items now. We still have second-hand items though, along with antiques, used and antiquarian books and furniture.

Do you buy items from the public?

No, we have several suppliers around the country and internationally. There was a time when we sold arts and crafts items on commission for local artists and craft workers, but we’ve since had to alter our business model in that regard. Try Made in Limerick?

I have an old stuffed pigeon I’d like to sell. Will you sell it for me?

Um, no. Never again.

Do you take donations?

We used to invite people to drop in unwanted clothes, but we haven’t done that in many years. Of course, we graciously accept anything that people want to leave with us — but it will usually be re-routed to St Vincent de Paul.

Isn’t it a charity shop?

No, Lucky Lane is a real business. We haven’t availed of charitable status, public assistance, or any special funding (except during the pandemic!). We’re just trying to pay the rent.

Where do you get all your stuff?

We never reveal our sources! But, we can admit to visiting auctions, private house clearances, liquidations, etc., and dealing with wholesalers, craft workers, and artists.

Is this some kind of joke shop, or what?